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With a simple and fun interface, the free ZooMoo application provides children with educational content about animals around the world. The app challenges children to identify different animals and educates in a fun way through videos, audio and games about each species from what they eat, where they live or how they take care of their young. Children can collect more than 100 different digital animals. The app also synchronizes with ZooMoo on TV to unlock even more exclusive content. Parents can control children's use and keep track of their progress through parental controls


zoomoo Shows

Meet all the programs and characters that are part of the ZooMoo Family!



Join Bello and his friends in their funny adventures as they figure out how to live in harmony on the magical Planet Jammbo.


Kooki’s Crafty Show

Kooki is a wacky, peppy red panda who LOVES to make things, from big, fun cardboard cutout creations to small, delightful handiwork. Kooki will inspire your kids to unleash the wild side of their creativity.



The curious ZooMooZ learned why zebras have stripes, where flamingos got such great balance, and much, much more with the help of their compendious companion, ZooMooPedia!

They’re getting ready for more animal adventures around the world. Come join the fun!



Flash is a wildlife photographer with little sense of direction and a taste for adventure. With each episode, he appears in a different place of the world and faces a great danger. Nina Piglet and Professor Owl are her guardian angels and do everything to get him out of the big curls. 


Lubinho, the Sea Wolf

This series tells the story of a Sea Wolf cub that gets lost from its mother during a trip in the frozen waters of the southern Antarctic. Caught in a current he gets dragged towards the temperate north and arrives alone in Brazil. We watch as Lubinho finds new friends and adventures is in his new home.



Flutter is a baby caterpillar. She likes to watch other animals growing up. Find out what the hornbill uses to make it's nest!


ZooMooZ: Nursery Rhymes

Join us for 50 minutes of music including nursery rhymes, educational songs; Alphabet, Phonics, Shapes, Colors, Numbers, and action songs.

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The first children's video brand devoted entirely to animals


ZooMoo is the world’s first children's video brand devoted entirely to the animal world. ZooMoo features entertaining video content featuring puppets, cartoons, games, music, puzzles, and activities designed to educate preschool children about animals and the world around them. ZooMoo is available worldwide through cable television operators and digital platforms.

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zoomoo Activities

Let’s play and learn!


Print out the coloring sheets and be a ZooMoo Artist!


Print out the number & words sheets and enjoy them with your child.